Saturday, January 31, 2009

Having a Nice Visit in Portland

Luckily, my 700 mile drive up to Portland yesterday was quite uneventful. Though, on a few of the hills near Grants Pass the truck wasn't going very fast, the Ford Ranger was a quite a trooper and didn't give me any problems towing that very full trailer.

I've been enjoying the visit up here with our friends. Much catching up has taken place.

Today I went to two different RV lots in Portland. While both of the RVs I went to specifically see would be fine, the dealers didn't appear to be motivated to make amazing deals. Sure, the units were marked down a bit off list (maybe 10%), but clearly they aren't in enough distress for me to be interested. =)

I was also happy to get a chance to go to Burgerville this afternoon. I know it's lame, but it's one of the things I missed moving out of the area.


  1. Yeah, I love Burgerville, too. Hubby grew up in Vancouver and has fond memories of eating there with his folks, but the nearest one is in Centralia--a good two hours away. I assume you're going to resist temptation and NOT go to Fabric Depot?? Hee hee!

  2. I probably will resist Fabric Depot on this trip. I do plan on making it to Powell's. I am still looking for quilt blocks for my memory quilt and they'll probably have a lot of books to peruse; maybe I'll find something or find some inspiration.

  3. Try this site:
    At least it's not all embroidery or applique!

  4. That site looks awesome! Thanks. I'll probably need to order her Winsome Wildflowers pattern packet. Thanks for the lead. =)