Sunday, January 4, 2009

Perhaps a Quick Visit to Oregon

Jeff and I are thinking about running up to Oregon to go to AnTir's 12th Night. At this point, it depends on the weather and if Jeff can get the couple of days off. He's already had a week off for the holiday (the building shut down) and his boss may not be too keen on him taking yet more time. We'll see. We won't know until tomorrow, when Jeff talks to his boss about it. Don't know if many of our Rivers region friends will be at the event, but we do hope at least some. Luckily, we know quite a few people in Summits, so we should still enjoy the visit.

We're going a little stir crazy hanging around the house so much, we thought we could use some time traveling, even if for a few days.

I managed to get the blue quilt pieced this morning. Now, I just have to figure out the borders for the boys' quilts. Maybe I'll do the hard border so they'll all be the same...

I'm spending the afternoon cleaning my sewing room and replacing handles on worn canvas bags. Hopefully the new heavy weight handles will last better than the old, lighter weight belting.

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