Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Preparing for Travel to Oregon

I'm out of practice in getting ready to travel. I've been making lists and hoping I remember to bring everything we'll need (and do everything at home that needs to be done before we go).

Rather than traveling all the way up to Eugene (one-day of driving each way) for just one day of visiting, we decided to tack on a couple of days in Corvallis. Corvallis is the town where Jeff wants to move once we're ready to settle down, but I'm a little less convinced. I've been through it a few times, but I've never actually spent much time there. We had planned to stay there in December 2007 (as part of a fairly long anniversary trip), but just as we got to town it started snowing, so we ended up visiting the coast instead. The coast was still cold, but it wasn't icy. Anyway, we still want to have a couple days to see Corvallis so we're going to do it this trip.

I had hoped to make it up to Portland (to see friends and drop off my quilt toppers for quilting), but Jeff had a hard time getting any time off. (Sigh, I'm looking forward to him being unemployed.) Therefore, I abandoned my quest to finish the third quilt before we go. They'll just have to wait until later in the spring, when we plan to visit Portland to drop off our plants and trailer at a friend's place for safekeeping during our U.S. trip.

Unfortunately, I didn't make a new costume for 12th Night since I wasn't planning to go until a few days ago. Oh well. And we'll probably end up dressing very simply (T-tunics and the like) in order to conserve packing space in the car.

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