Monday, January 5, 2009

Trying to finish quilts before Quick Trip to Oregon

I've spent the last day and a half solid trying to finish my nephews' quilts. I'd like to have them done to bring to Oregon with us, in case we find ourselves anywhere near Verboort, where my favorite machine quilter lives, "Hee Does It." I've just finished the green quilt (I did the labor intensive, fancy border) and am now going to try and get the blue one done too. I hope I make it.

Despite the recent snow up in Portland, it looks like we may be able to make it over the pass at Shasta and up to Eugene. We'll cross our fingers that the decent weather holds. We want to come visit. And I have some amount of morbid fascination in watching the death of Rivers Ithra.

So many things to do in the next couple of days....

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  1. Now I'm tempted to make a go at traveling down to 12th Night. My parents are going to be in town on Friday, so I'd have to leave at crack-of-dawn Saturday to make it there, then figure out where to sleep that night. What's your plan?