Saturday, May 15, 2010

PODS scheduled

This morning I spent more than three hours on the phone scheduling our move. I started calling around to get quotes, but I eventually just decided to go with PODS (Portable On Demand Storage). They'll allow us to stagger out the move and move containers one by one.

The first container is going to be delivered on Tuesday and we'll have several days to fill it. Then it will be delivered in Oregon on June 3, during our first visit up there after buying the house. Once I get back to California in mid-June, we'll start a parade of containers to finish up the move. With our current schedule, we should be mostly moved back up to Oregon by end of July.

Now, we just need to round up sufficient moving boxes and packing supplies. I need to place an order at Uline as soon as possible. This time I'm going to try to make a more accurate guess at how much we need; I bought WAY too many boxes last time. Unfortunately, since we were so tight on space here, I got rid of them. I might have kept them if I'd known we were moving again so soon.

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