Saturday, May 22, 2010

Storage Empty (Almost)!

We took another load from storage this morning and moved the rest of the furniture pieces. So storage is basically empty, but for a small pile of long poles that wouldn't fit in the load. We're not really sure how we'll move them. We used to strap long poles to the top of our Ford Ranger, but the Ford is in Portland already. So, we're hoping we can drop the seats in the Toyota Highlander and fit them in there. Otherwise, we might just have to chop the poles down shorter.

The POD continues to fill. We're slightly more than halfway full. We've got more furniture to put in, so it will probably finish fast tomorrow, and not fill up as tightly as the first half. We won't really be able to fill it to the roof as we don't want to damage the furniture by stacking too much weight on it.

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