Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Poor Baby Shasta!

Jeff took Shasta scootering last night and while they were out, Shasta stopped running and started favoring her foot. She and Jeff sort of limped back home and we kept Shasta on the couch with us last night. We poked around in her foot trying to find out what happened, but couldn't find anything obvious. There weren't any obvious rips or tears in her pads, or any cuts that were bleeding. We took her to bed with us to see if she would be better by this morning.

This morning, she was still limping around.

Shasta is no faker, so we decided we'd better take her to the vet. They pulled a 1.25" nail out of her foot! Our poor dog child! Now that the nail's out, she's feeling much better. She's running around again and acting like there isn't a big puncture hole in her foot!

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