Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hiring Contractors

I've managed to shift all the funds for closing into one place and this morning I mailed off our wire instruction form, so it looks like we should be on track for the May 18th closing.

There are a few repairs (that we don't plan to try and do ourselves) that I think are a priority for this year, so I'm looking into getting them hired out. We've got a quote from Blackmore Quality Construction for the foundation and pest damage repair work. It's a priority to get the foundation work done as soon as possible. Not so much because we think the house is going to come down, but more because once we move all our stuff in, it will be nearly impossible to get to the basement walls!

I'd also like to have the masonry repair work done; we've already got a quote from Bestway Masonry. This again doesn't need to be a priority, except for the fact that we want them to take down the uppermost portion of the old, abandoned chimney. That will bring it below the roofline and then we can get the roof repaired later this year.

The roof is the only real high priority. We'll probably have it totally replaced as the install was so shoddy. We need to do it this year before the rain starts. One of the times our realtor, Clint, was out this spring, it was raining and he said it was raining under the porte-cochère. We, therefore, need to deal with the leaking roof before Fall as we're hoping to prevent further damage to the ceiling of the porch.

I definitely need to look into signing up on Angie's List again.

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