Friday, June 18, 2010

Long Drive Today

I drove back to California today with the dog child. Since Jeff flew home earlier in the week, I had to drive the whole way. I'm tired. At least the weather was beautiful and the scenery was nice. Mt. Shasta was even out from behind the clouds for a change, at least for part of the trip.

When I was passing through Albany, I stopped and looked at an entertainment cabinet. It's another Bentwood Furniture piece. I can't seem to help myself... =) This one is selling for something like ⅓ of the original price. It's very tempting. I'll have to see if I can sell our entertainment cabinet here in California; then we wouldn't have to move it all the way to Portland.

1 comment:

  1. Mount Shasta looks beautiful. We never made it up there so I've never seen it in person. We found a great furniture store near us this weekend. It sells Amish furniture and it is beautiful!