Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Loading Up For Another Trip

Last night Jeff and I went off to the east bay and bought the 8-drawer chest and rocking chair. We paid $650 for a great quality, solid oak, slight nicked-up oak dresser. That piece of furniture alone was almost $1800 when it was new, according to the seller, and likely even more now. And it looks like the rocking chair has the same fabric on the seats as we have on our dining room chairs! =) We're pretty excited about the quality we've been able to obtain for used furniture prices! We weren't able to connect up with the guy with the armoire; oh well, no time now.

Today I started packing up suitcases for our next visit. And, I did more online shopping, though not any buying. I was trying to plot out our storage rack purchases for the basement once it's finally finished at the end of June.

Tomorrow morning I'm off to UHaul to pick up a one-way trailer for the trip up. It's smaller than we would have liked, but the price was right. It's a 5x8 and I spent an hour or so graphing out the load plan and we should be able to get the bed frame, the chest and the dining room set into this load (and also our still-in-progress heraldic stained glass is going to get transported flat on top of the table). The rest of the pieces will have to wait until the next trip.

I've hired a couple of movers (friends of my brother) to help for an hour or two to load up the very-heavy oak furniture into the trailer tomorrow while Jeff is at work. They're only charging me $25/hour (for both of them!) so I imagine they'll be getting lots of work from us during this move!!

I was able to score us some crash space at my step-mother's parent's house in Redding tomorrow night (about 4 hours away from here), so we're planning to head out as soon as possible after Jeff gets home from work. That will really help our Friday schedule. Since we're driving up with a trailer, the trip is more like 14 hours and that's just too long for one day if we can avoid it.

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