Thursday, March 22, 2012

Delta/Skywest Sucks!

It sounds like there is no point in complaining to the airlines about crummy service—they don't care—so we're gonna do a brief rant here to warn others.

Jeff was supposed to have a flight down to Southern California this morning on Delta Airlines. With only 2 hours notice, they cancelled the flight for an undisclosed reason. The ONLY alternative flight they offered to replace this cancelled flight was NEXT WEEK with a layover in Salt Lake City! We had paid extra to have a direct flight. WTH!

We went ahead and asked for a refund and have now booked him a new flight in April on Southwest Air. We won't be booking Delta again, if we can help it. 

Luckily, Jeff's schedule is flexible and he can just pick up and go a different week. Had he scheduled a week off from a job, we would have been extra furious. Though, on the bright side, we get an extra week to work on leaded glass!!

(It turns out, if Sharon had done any research on airline complaints, she would have learned that Delta routinely does this. It could have been much worse—at least Jeff was stranded at home! There are some very sad stories out there from people who had connecting flights cancelled and/or they had children.)

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