Friday, March 16, 2012

Leaded Glass Progress

We've made great progress on our first leaded glass panel for the kitchen!
We've been busy the last couple of days getting going on these leaded glass panels. We had to buy the wood pieces and assemble a frame and we had to get some 0000 steel wool.

First thing this morning, Sharon tried to blacken the zinc border using the steps found in this Delphi Glass tutorial. Unfortunately, it was pretty much a failure. The metal would "turn" black when she applied the copper sulfate, but as soon as she wiped off the excess chemical the black just came off with it. After about 5 tries, she gave it up.
Once we finally got started, we plugged away at this project for about 5 hours and nearly have it complete.
There is something not quite right on some of the glass pieces; the last border edge does not fit in correctly. We'll have to make some adjustments. Though, since the outside glass border must be 2-inches to match the bevel squares, we have make all the adjustments to the center 6 glass pieces. It's time consuming to unassemble and reassemble the panel and a bit frustrating....

The little grey bits showing through the glass are small pieces of felted wool fabric. They lift the pieces of glass off the table level and help line them up with the channels in the lead came.

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