Friday, March 2, 2012

Eugene Adventure

We had a grand adventure today! We went off to Eugene and bought the used garage door and even managed to negotiate a bit of a discount to cover our traveling expenses.

Then we dropped in at BRING Recycling! It was neat. They had some really interesting decor built from salvage. And they seemed to have better prices than the Portland salvage stores, too.

We actually found two aluminum-exterior and wood-interior windows in frames that were almost exactly the size we needed, but then we realized the windows had some sort of nearly opaque coating on them that we weren't sure we could remove, so we did not buy them. Bummer, they would have been perfect and the pair was only $75!

We did, however, buy an entry door for the garage complete with the door jamb for $50—half the price of the door we found at the Rebuilding Center. The door even has a dog door in it! It also has a funky burgundy and purple paint job, but as fun as the colors are, we'll be cleaning up the door and painting it our colors, of course.


  1. Hi Sasha,

    I don't really blog on Shelley Inspired anymore but I wanted to follow up. I did finish all my roller shades and they do work well. Also - we finished our bathroom and love it. Here are the after pictures.

  2. Are you going to use the door for your house, for the garage, or for a really big chicken coop?