Friday, August 3, 2012

Guest Bedroom Staining

Since I got off easy on the shellacking this morning, I recruited Jeff's help to start staining the guest bedroom woodwork. This is just the first pass; we'll still have to go over the wood with a second different-colored stain to match the rest of the wood in the house.
Overall, I'm pretty pleased by my motivation lately. Clearly, I'm ready to be done with this phase. It probably also helps that one of my brothers is going to be in town in 10 days and he wants to crash with us! =)

Update later in the evening: We put on the second coat. Now we wait a few days before shellacking.


  1. The wood was finished with two coats of stain. The first coat of stain was Mohawk Wiping Wood Stain in Red Mahogany. The second coat was Wood Kote Jel'd Stain in Cherry color.