Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Staining Again

Now that we're getting close to being able to finish the upstairs bedrooms, I figured we may as well keep our forward momentum going and try to work on the closets. (At least the easy parts, anyway.)

On Sunday, Jeff cut the support boards for the shelf side of his closet. He used the salvaged boards (removed during the remodel) that I stripped in spring.

I've spent the last couple of days sanding and staining the woodwork in Jeff's closet and the wood for the shelves.

Now that I have the stain up, I'm planning to prime and paint when it's all dry. I figure it's easier to paint before there's a bunch more stained wood installed on the walls.

We're going to wait to install the actual plywood shelves and the double-hang side until after the floors are refinished. There's no sense making it that much harder for the floor refinisher to reach all the corners.

I also sanded and stained enough shoe molding to install in the master and guest bedrooms.

And I started sanding the linen cabinet doors, but those are not my highest priority right now. I'm much more anxious to get the bedrooms finished so I can hire out the floor refinishing...so we can finally finish these rooms and move in.

Unfortunately—you can't work on everything first.

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