Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bedrooms Unpacked

Our bedrooms seemed pretty spacious when they were empty, but now that we've got all the furniture moved in, things are, shall we say, "cozy." This old house just wasn't built to accommodate queen size beds.

In both rooms, we had to rotate the bed so it was in front of the window in order to have enough space for the end tables next to it. This wasn't my first choice, but it will have to work because we won't be down-grading to full-size beds.
I was pretty excited to get to hang our monster tapestry back up!
You can't get a picture head-on because the hallway isn't wide enough, but here's mostly what it looks like.
I'd actually like to hang it on the opposite wall over the staircase, but that would involve two people and ladders, so we'll go with this spot for now.

My father and step-mother arrive in the next hour, so I'd better get back to cleaning.


  1. You honestly have such a beautiful home!

    1. Thank you Ashley, I'm sure enjoying sleeping in a bedroom again! I was so sick of living in the basement. =)