Friday, December 7, 2012

Guest Bedroom Stenciled

I was all set to stencil whatever design you guys chose for me, but it turns out with all the comments and emails, I ended up with a tie between the Pansy & Morning Glory and the Moonflower. Initially, I planned to put on the bigger Pansy & Morning Glory; I even put up the registration marks yesterday and sprayed the stencils with the adhesive. But, this morning, when I went up to stencil, I couldn't bring myself to start.

I guess I always sort of preferred the Moonflower design, but I felt it was a little small. Then I poked around my saved pictures again and found this one from a 1910 Sherwin Williams painting brochure. It even looks like a very similar stencil.
From "Your Home and Its Decoration," by Sherwin Williams Co., 1910.
This is when I gave myself permission to use the smaller stencil.
I had to get a bit creative at the corners.
And it is hard to decide what to do about the back wall ceiling. It is finished at an angle, so I think it would look funny stenciled as the design would appear shorter when viewed from the front. So, for now, I've left it blank.
Finally, but for a bit of paint touch up, we're all ready for the movers on Monday. It's time to start cleaning.

Update, more than a month later. I found the original source of the stencil I used in the guest bedroom. I found it shown in a 1915 Wards paint catalog. I flipped the stencil horizontally from the way it was shown in the advertisement because I thought it looked like it had flowers, which should be facing upright. =)


  1. It looks beautiful!

  2. This looks beautiful and I think the scale is perfect for the room.

  3. It turned out lovely! Aren't you glad you found that inspirational picture?

  4. Good choice! The colors look great. I can't wait to see your house in person :)

  5. It looks beautiful! I'm glad you found the photo and were able to use the stencil you liked the best.