Monday, December 10, 2012

Moving Up In the World

At long last, we got to move out of the basement and into the upstairs bedroom.

It was such a relief to have beautiful weather today; I actually saw some sun. I had imagined a pretty bad day with pouring rain.

The movers spent something like 5 hours moving our stuff from storage and rearranging furniture within the house. This is how the master bedroom looked when they left for the day.
Then we spent a couple hours putting the master bedroom together. This evening it looks like this.
As usual, the picture isn't very good because we didn't finish until after dark and I had to adjust the exposure to lighten it up.

Since Jeff has been sick this week, he was pretty wiped out after working on the master bedroom, so the guest room still looks like this. I guess we'll finish that tomorrow.

Our washer and dryer also moved upstairs into the back sleeping porch. They're not hooked up yet, so it will be a few days before we can do laundry again.
The worst part of today was the movers accidentally scratched our newly refinished floors—right at the top of the stairs where it is oh so visible!
Our floor refinisher is going to come out tomorrow and take a look and give us an idea of what it will take to fix it. I hope it doesn't mean taking that bit of floor all the way back to the sanding.


  1. Argh! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and your floor.

  2. you can try pouring a little boiling water on it - I've heard that works... (okay, i'm horrified for you - i said it.) but smart to call the refinisher. you should make the guy who did it read your blog.

  3. Sheesh! What an awful thing to have happen! I hope the refinisher can do something about the scratch that'll be fast and efficient. Oh, my heart breaks for you!