Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ready or Not, the Movers Are Coming

I spent a couple hours today finishing up the final tasks to prepare the upstairs bedrooms so we can move in tomorrow. First, I touched up messed up spots in the frieze.

Then I, finally, stained the door in the guest bedroom out onto the sleeping porch. (Sorry the photo sucks. That one overhead light in the room just doesn't cut it for photos at night. I'll have to get a better picture during the day.)
I didn't get the door shellacked because I want to give the stain time to thoroughly dry, but I've done the messy part so I should be able to finish after the furniture is in the room.

We've also been packing up our "bedroom" down in the basement so the furniture can be moved upstairs. And we're planning to do some rearranging of other pieces now that we can.

I'm hoping tomorrow with the movers will go OK, but I'm sure we've forgotten some things. I checked the weather forecast and there is a good chance we won't be moving in the pouring rain, so that is good, at least.


  1. Hello! I've come over from Pinterest! :) Congratulations on such a beautiful house and getting your furniture back! :) I started a blog about my house, if you're interested. It's here on Blogger, and my name is BaybNJoe. I hope things go smoothly today. :)

    Kristin (KT) McConnell

    1. Hi Kristin,

      I went looking for your blog last night when I saw you started following my blog, but I didn't see any posts. I've added your blog to my feed and I look forward to following your progress. =)