Saturday, August 1, 2015

Long Drive Today

Today we did the long drive to Mt. Shasta, California. Strangely, the "Welcome to California" sign seemed to be missing. I guess they don't want visitors anymore. LOL
Maybe they drink too much water, because California was looking more like Africa to me. Everything dead but for stunted bushes.
OMG, it was so much tile. Really, until we saw it all together we didn't realize just how much tile I had bought. Luckily, we had the good sense to drive down there with a trailer even though we didn't want to. (The trailer added at least an hour to the trip each way.) We had a good solid layer in both the bed of the truck and in the trailer, plus a few boxes behind the seats in the cab.

The weather was really hot today. It was over 100º when we stopped for gas. I'm so ready for cool Oregon weather again. :)
It looks like Momma cow sculpture on I-5 had a calf
Oregon replaced their old sign with a new fancy one.
We left at 5AM this morning and arrived home after 8PM, so it was a long day. I'm glad it's over, but I'm still quite sure it will prove to be worth the effort.

Oh, and I got a great score that will keep the blog going for a while. I got at bunch of period tile catalogs!! I just found this page of tile catalogs. I do believe I get nearly every one of them for $100 total. OMG, what a score. There are some amazing goodies in them. Over the next few weeks, I'll share some of the good stuff when I have time to scan some images. (The bathroom remodel is a higher priority right now.)


  1. OMG that did make for a long day. I bet that the springs and shocks got quite the workout on the return trip.
    I am always looking for Flint Faience Tile both literature and tile. That's what we have in our house. It was only produced for about 10 years. It has an interesting history and is found in some very important buildings.

    Looking forward to seeing your latest score installed.

    1. Do you have a Flint Faience tile catalog? I got one. I'll take a second look at it and share images when I have time.

  2. No, I just have the new Flint Faience book.