Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sifted Tile

Jeff and I spent 2 to 3 hours sifting and unloading tile. We have 3 large piles of boxes. Again, I can hardly believe how much tile I got. Here is the pile of 3x6 subway field tile in my living room. (With the sewing room empty and awaiting floor refinishing and the guest room full of nearly everything from the sewing room, we were out of space to stash this tile upstairs.) The house is, frankly, looking like a construction zone right now. I guess that's a good thing if we're actually getting projects done.
I did find this one lovely set of tiles that I don't even recall from the auction listings. I'm not sure they laid it out for the photos.
We got a whole box of them, so I guess a girl can hope there's enough for the bathroom. Wouldn't that be lovely? I haven't counted tiles in the plan yet, but I suspect there won't be enough. (Nope, not enough.)

I don't think we got enough green tiles to do our original tile plan in the bathroom. We did get a lot of green tiles, but there are about four different shades of green. I may have to rethink the plan. Or I could be extra silly and try to glaze some of my own. I ran across Painting Ceramics: How to Paint and Stencil Already Made Ceramics Pieces and it got me started thinking in a crafty way. Hmm, stencil? Now that is right up my alley. :D
Now it's got me researching glazing and refiring tiles.... LOL

I also got this box of reproduced period tile catalogs. This is damn near every catalog listed at the Tile Heritage website. And I got the entire lot of books for $100!! There was also four other boxes of pottery books that I don't need. I'm selling those or donating them to the library. (Any pottery makers among my readers?) There were several coffee table books of period pottery. I'd love to collect pottery, but it's just too expensive and too breakable for our lifestyle. Maybe someday I'll find some good deals and pick a few things up. (I mostly stopped looking in recent years.)

Oh, and for Jan, this is the Flint Faience 1926 Tile Company catalog I got. What specifically are you interested in?
There aren't any color pictures, but there are 36 pages of nice line drawings. Here are the mantel related photos for you Jan.


  1. First you scored a lot of tile.

    Second....OMG our house was built in 1926!!!! In our master bedroom we have a stucco fireplace with tile around a arched opening. It has a hearth of square tile that matches the field tile around the opening. Problem is that there looks like maybe it had bull nose or some sort of edge tile around the hearth but it's missing. Now it has a 1 inch gap between the hardwood and the hearth tile. Does your catalog show any fireplaces and hearths? If I can't figure out what was there I can always do a wood transition piece.

    1. I have a scanner, but I don't have the time to go dig it out. I took (lousy) pictures of the mantel related pages. I hope it helps. I'll post them at the end of the blog post for you. If these are what you need, let me know and I'll try and dig out the scanner this week for you.

  2. Was there a Pewebic Pottery book?

  3. LOL Last night I wrote a long reply only to lose it all when I lost my internet connection during the storm last night......grrrr.

    My fireplace surround is the first one or the second one on the left on the multiple drawing. It's a rusty matte burgundy with a very pale green glazed inset.

    BTW Don't dig for your scanner. You're in the middle of something and we won't be getting to the master bedroom for another year.

    Dibs on the Pewebic book. When you get around to selling it, you can contact me using the email addy on my blog.

    You scored some beautiful tile and thank you for taking the time to look for my tile.

  4. My email address is located on my blog right above where it gives my local weather conditions.

    I had to get a new laptop and for some reason I am now not getting a good wifi signal so I am standing in front of the dryer which is located 4 ft from my wifi modem. So many passwords to remember.

    Email me and I will pay with paypal or I can send you a check. Thanks a bunch.

  5. Hi Sharon,
    I have been watching your progress with great interest. You have done a great job! We are also planning our bathroom remodel. The space is very tiny. I was amazed when I saw the red and green decorative border tiles. They were exactly what we have been looking for. I was wondering if you knew where they came from? I haven't seen anything like them, and I have been looking!
    I would be happy to find something even similar, although we do like the red and green colors.
    If they are not enough for your project, perhaps you would be willing to sell them?
    Love what you have done with the house!