Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Marmoleum Floor

The basement bath has a marmoleum floor! Hooray!
We picked up this marmoleum remnant in Sept 2011 and we are just now getting around to installing it (ouch). That's pretty sad. The gallon of adhesive cost more than the remnant itself.

Jeff had his friend Eric come and help him again today with this project.
Before: Not an attractive cement floor
They made a pattern out of paper then traced it onto the back of the marmoleum.
Turns out leather shears work great for cutting marmoleum.
Waiting for the adhesive to partially dry.
We found a couple of useful installation videos and I'll link them here for folks that are interested:
Working with adhesive
Marmoleum Sheet Installation

And we have a floor! Shoe molding will go in tomorrow after the floor has had time to dry.
We're going to install a temporary sink in plywood while we wait for the soapstone to get cut. Eric had a sink kicking around his barn and he brought that over. It will do until we can install the soapstone counter.

Oh, and here's another pile of tile. This is the we-probably-don't-need pile in the basement.
This is mostly hex tiles and 6x6 tiles (I think). If I can't resell them on craigslist after the master bathroom remodel, I'll probably install them in the utility area of the basement.

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