Sunday, August 2, 2015

Misc. Period Pictures

I've been poking through period publications looking for bathrooms. As usual, when I see an interesting picture I will take a screenshot. I'll share them here, in case you guys are interested.
Cheery green house exterior from "The Color Book" c. 1920s
Color Suggestions for House Exteriors from Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company Paint Catalog, 1923.
I'll put a break into this post so it won't have to load all the images everytime folks visit the blog.

Colored bathroom from "The Color Book" c. 1920s.
Stained wood kitchen from "The Inviting Home" 1918 published by Boston Varnish Company.
Living Room from "The Inviting Home" 1918. Richly colored woodwork.
A Beautiful Reception Hall from "The Home Beautiful" 1915.
Beautiful Living Room from "The Home Beautiful" 1915. Nice frieze.
Modern Living Room from "The Home Beautiful" 1915.
Pleasant Dining Room from "The Home Beautiful" 1915. Unique sideboard.
Dining Room with inlaid doors and recesses for vases. From "The Home Beautiful," 1915.
Bedroom suggestion from "Artistic Home Decoration" c.1920
Bedroom with fireplace nook. From "The Home Beautiful," 1915.

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