Sunday, March 1, 2020

February's Finishes

I made some progress on my WOOFA list this month. I blogged about most of them individually, but these are the other projects I haven't mentioned yet.

I made a set of napkins from a remnant of cotton brocade. I had originally planned to do a rolled edge on the serger, but I decided a hemmed edge would look more formal.
I finished another rag quilt. On one of our visits to Prineville, we dropped by their thrift store and I found this lovely printed flannel. It seemed like a good excuse to make another rag quilt. All the rest of these fabrics were pulled out of my rapidly depleting scrap bin.
It has already been snipped, but not washed because I'd prefer to take it to a laundromat. I don't want to risk our plumbing.
I assembled the denim circles and loaded them up with a bright novelty fabric and coordinating bright fabrics from my fabric wall.
At this point, I'm about halfway finished sewing down all the flaps. I'll likely get it done this week if we have the forecasted week of rain.

I found someone local to do the machine quilting on my batik quilts, but I've learned I need to make the border larger on the backing quilt so there's more excess fabric. It guess it's easier for them to install it on the frame.


  1. You are really knocking those projects out! Good on ya!

    1. I'm on a mission to get as much done on this list before the weather gets too nice.