Monday, March 16, 2020

Using Up Pavers

Almost a month ago we discovered a bunch of really thick pavers that ran along the edge of the old driveway. Jeff dug them out and removed them and they sat only a few feet away until yesterday.
I asked Jeff if he would please make a little path of them from the stairs to the backyard shed. I was expecting him to just carry them over and plop them down and call it good. That's not how Jeff rolls.
He would have preferred to buy some gravel to level them, but I told him not to bother. I'm hoping to be able to plant groundcover around the stones. If necessary, we'll bring in some gravel later and re-lay them.
This concludes the path between the back door and shed. We can now, in theory, get from the house to the shed without stepping in mud.

I would still like to make a new step to get into the shed. I have a plan, but we haven't had the motivation to make it.
Oh, and this happened on Saturday. Our plants appear to have survived, but the daffodils all got flattened by the weight of the snow.


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