Tuesday, March 31, 2020

March WOOFA Wrap-Up

I finished the Circle Denim Quilt at the beginning of the month. I had planned to take this quilt to a laundromat to fray up the edges, but it will wait now as hanging out in a public laundromat for an hour is a pretty optional activity.
I got distracted by the garden for at least two weeks.  We did some plant shopping and picked up some of the spring plants we couldn't find last year. I can waste an entire day poking around online for plant options for the few empty spots we still have in the yard. I'll have my wish list ready for when life returns to normal.

I made us two DIY face masks out of batik for when I have to go out grocery shopping. I might make more, it was pretty easy.
I used this website as a starting point: How To Sew A Face Mask With Filter Pocket (NO ELASTIC!). I assembled mine differently because I thought they would look better with bias tape on the side edges. I basted in the pleats and then covered the side edges with bias tape and then I added the bias tape on the top and bottom.

I knocked out two quick cheater mug rugs for our tea cups. This was a scrap leftover from a panel project I did many years ago. I got two little potholder-size panels. I'm hoping to make at least two more mug rugs to call my WOOFA line item finished.
I did manage to cut out all the fabric for my living room reupholstery project and I sewed all of the side cushions. I had to order zippers for the back cushions and I'll be surprised if they arrive before the end of next month.
I stripped the old fabric and batting off the cushions. The foam was pretty gross and I really wanted to replace it. Had it been a little more convenient to buy new foam, I might have made the decision to pay more than $200 for clean foam, but I don't want these cushions sitting around until Portland reopens for business. The old batting was pretty filthy too and had to be replaced. It had been glued on, but I didn't have any spray adhesive so I decided to just wrap the new batting around to the back and staple it.

I'm planning to work on the seat cushion covers for FNwF (Friday Night with Friends) this coming Friday.


  1. I look forward to seeing you at FNwF this week...
    Congrats on finishing your WOOFA challenge too...
    Stay away & stay safe...xox

  2. Wow, you really got a lot done! It feels so good to accomplish our goals. Congrats on sticking to it!

    1. When I started writing the post I was thinking I had really gotten very little done last month but then I started looking through my photos and was able to see that I hadn't wasted the whole month. LOL