Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Bareroot Bleeding Hearts

In January, I placed an order from Easy to Grow Bulbs for bareroot bleeding hearts and a few other flowers. The order finally came today.

I placed the order primarily because I found they were carrying yellow bleeding hearts and I really wanted them. I ordered two of them. Out of the package, they looked pretty sad. There was no sign of life, but I soaked them for an hour and then planted them. I'm crossing my fingers they make it.
The white bleeding hearts looked considerably better. The roots looked bigger and healthier and they both had a bit of new growth at the crown.
Even though it was raining today, I got all the plants in the ground and I'll be watching for any signs of life in the coming weeks. I really hope they make it.


  1. Isn't it amazing that even the most pitiful looking plants come to life in spring?! They know it is time to grow.
    Keep us posted!

    1. I'm crossing my fingers at least one of the yellow ones makes it. Once I have one viable plant and I can eventually get new plants from it.