Sunday, October 9, 2011

Leaded Glass Class: Soldering and Cementing

Jeff attended the fourth and final class in lead came stained glass. This week we started with soldering which goes much faster than when doing copper foil because you only need to do the intersections.
We used the mini-phaser to dial down the soldering iron to 70-80% power -- enough to melt the 50-50 solder, but not quickly melt the lead came. Gel-flux cleaned the surfaces where we wanted to solder. Steel jump rings were soldered to the corners to hang the piece.
Once we solder all the intersections on both sides and have the jump rings on, we jump into the multi-step cementing process. Strictly speaking this isn't needed for a little art piece like this. However it will be important for panels that will be used in cabinet doors to add strength and prevent pieces from rattling.
After we work the dark mortar mixed with linseed oil into all the lead came channels we cover the piece with whiting powder. After the whiting powder is worked into the mortar the excess is removed (in our case with a sharpened chop stick).
Now that it has been cemented we use a drill with a fancy brush attachment to buff the lead.
Ah, look at that nice luster.
All done. Now on to our own project...

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  1. I really like that pattern and those colors. They look great!