Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sifting Paper

Jeff is having a friend visit for a few days next week so we needed to change direction this weekend on our task list and turn our attention to cleaning! Too bad; it was nice weather this weekend to work outside.

Anyway, Sharon is bummed she didn't take any before photos, but she didn't think to. We have finally unearthed the study/guest room again. It had become the dumping ground for all the boxes we'd needed to clear out of the master bedroom and the file cabinet houses all our current bills/financial records/remodel files.

Unfortunately, since we no longer have a permanent office set up, all the paper ends up landing on top of that file cabinet. And the records had literally been building up since we arrived last summer. Sharon hadn't been paying much attention while she was in school and this summer filing hasn't exactly been a priority. And this remodel generated quite the massive pile of paper too.

Well, today was finally the day. It took literally all day—she started this morning and worked until nearly 10PM (less a few short breaks for meals/computer goof off time). And there aren't any piles stashed away out of view. Everything is sorted and filed properly. And she also sifted out paper no longer needed and filled up a garbage can full for recycling.

Though, the room is still a bit dusty, this is literally the cleanest it's been since March when we moved half the stuff out of the room.Once we finish up the master bedroom staining project, this bedroom is next on the paint stripping queue. This bedroom used to be used as the library, but Sharon wants to move the book shelves down to the family room in the basement so we can convert this room into a guest room.

Speaking of the master bedroom staining project—the stain finally arrived! When Sharon ordered the stain in September, the company claimed it would arrived in 3 to 5 business days. In fact, it took more like 10. And since it was the first stain coat, we couldn't start until it arrived—or until we bought another can someplace else. We didn't want to spend money we didn't have to. So, once our guest heads back home, we should be able to resume work on the master bedroom.

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