Tuesday, October 25, 2011

House Task List

We have been so overwhelmed by the many projects we've taken on lately, that it's been hard to really stay on target on any of them. So, over the weekend, Sharon spent several hours trying to put everything into a list. It's huge, when broken down into smaller individual tasks. But maybe not so bad when you look at the overall tasks (in no particular order):
  1. Buy woodworking tools
  2. Finish planting rain gardens
  3. Plan and build pergola at back patio
  4. Clean bricks and install back patio
  5. Finish priming/painting/staining basement bathroom
  6. Install flooring/fixtures in basement bathroom
  7. Plan and build raccoon-safe chicken coop
  8. Buy/Make 2 curtains for dining room
  9. Replace exterior door locks
  10. Plan and build side fence
  11. Clean bricks and install front walk
  12. Clean up painted hardware; re-plate/replace if necessary
  13. Uninstall broken leaded glass panels
  14. Make 2 kitchen leaded glass panels
  15. Make 2 dining room leaded glass panels
  16. Make 6 parlor leaded glass panels
  17. Buy/Make 4 curtains for living room
  18. Stain/Shellac master bedroom woodwork
  19. Repaint master bedroom and closets
  20. Refinish master bedroom floors
  21. Plan/Install master bedroom closet interiors
  22. Plan/Install kitchen pantry interior
  23. Buy/Make 3 shades/curtains for parlor
  24. Stain/Varnish inside of side exterior door
  25. Strip woodwork in guest bedroom
  26. Stain/Shellac woodwork in guest bedroom
  27. Repaint walls/ceiling in guest bedroom
  28. Refinish floor in guest bedroom
  29. Strip woodwork in sewing room
  30. Stain/Shellac woodwork in sewing room
  31. Repaint walls/ceiling in sewing room
  32. Refinish floor in sewing room
This is not actually our full remodel to-do list. This is just the list we had floating around in our minds for projects we wanted to do "this winter." Of course, it was obvious, once we got everything written down, that we'll never get through this list this winter. It's unlikely we'll get through this list in the next year! =)

But now that we've made the list, we've been able to spend some time prioritizing the order for these tasks and it's been a lot easier to be productive with our time. Also, with the size of the list, it is obvious we need to keep working on projects or this list will take several years, so it has helped reduce our computer/TV goof-off time.

The side fence is our next priority, since our animals keep wandering out of the backyard. Sharon is working on the plan and has started shopping for wood, but we're still trying to decide whether we put in a huge gate to span the driveway we don't use, or whether we simply punt on being able to drive a car back to the garage and put in a man-size gate. If we fail to finish this task by the end of November, we'll probably hire it out.

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  1. Amazing. I don't have the guts to put more than four or five items down at a time. It is too depressing to me if I add more.