Monday, October 17, 2011

Almost Finished Planting

Jeff got right to work this morning finishing up the front yard planting.While he did that, Sharon laid out the plants in the backyard rain garden according to the plan.A few hours later, Jeff also finished planting the plants in the backyard. (Go Jeff!!)We still need to track down a few more plants for the basin. We need a plant that will tolerate shade and wet roots—perhaps dense sedge (Carex densa), if we can find it.

We're still working on the plant lists for the side yard rain gardens before Jeff starts sticking the last 10 plants in the ground. Unfortunately this area has the double challenge of being shady and also being under a black walnut. Ohio State University has a good list of plants that can tolerate being planted under black walnut trees. Though, it's fairly easy to find names of plants that will work—but it's not always so easy to find the actual plants at the nursery.

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