Friday, April 6, 2012

Craigslist Binge

When she's not busy with other projects, Sharon has been busy scouring Craigslist for our "forever" pieces of furniture. We've had a number of "temporary" pieces and some we bought that just didn't work out as we hoped. We're slowly finding good pieces and bringing them home and selling off the temporary pieces—often for the same amount that we originally paid. (Have we mentioned how much we LOVE craigslist!!?)

The week started out with this wicker set for the front porch.

Yesterday she bought yet another rug for the living room. This time she went fully armed with fabric and paint samples. It seems to be a better match then the busy burgundy rug we had in its place. It's better; not perfect, but better. We'll probably stick with this one for quite a while, unless we happen upon a really good deal on a rug with even better colors in it. (Something with more blue would be nice.)

Shasta, modeling the new rug

This morning we bought a neat antique reclining morris chair, supposedly from the early 1900s. Despite the unattractive upholstery, we both thought this chair was too cool to pass up!  Sharon will be replacing the fabric since it's surely not original anyway. (Yet another fabric project for Sharon!)

Our plan is to pair this with the Stickley rocking chair in the parlor and sell off the two over-sized modern mission recliners. The recliners are just too large for the space; they make it feel crowded in that tiny room.
Early 1900's reclining morris chair
Carving detail on morris chair


  1. I agree that the chair was just to cool to pass up! Awesome - I love some of the old Morris Chairs. We've collected a couple, and have found them to be quite comfortable. It will look fantastic recovered!

  2. Wow, that's a gorgeous chair! Too bad the fabric isn't in better shape, 'cause I love it, too. Please post pics when you have it all redone--I'll look forward to seeing the finished product.