Friday, April 20, 2012

Moving Furniture Again

It has become obvious to us that this rain is never going to stop!! Before we shellac the bedroom, we want it to not rain for several days so we can open the room up. If it's not raining, the air will be less humid and the shellac will dry faster, so we're told... And like every other step in this process, it smells bad. It's nice to be able to let in the fresh air.

So we just decided we need to move onto the next paint stripping project: the guest bedroom. So, we need to clear out this room.

This is sort of how it looked this morning. Okay, the room didn't actually look this good this morning because it had become the dumping zone when we were cleaning the downstairs for the tour. But Sharon forgot to take a picture this morning.

Today, we had the un-fun task of moving bookcases. In an attempt to reduce the amount of work we have to do long-term, we actually crammed all three bookcases into our basement "studio" because our plan is to later turn the area into the library/theater/family room.

We spent most of the day on this project... We obviously didn't finish clearing the guest room. We were just too tired by this evening. Poor Jeff did probably 20 trips down the stairs carrying heavy boxes of books.

Even though Sharon is not a very good moving assistant, we did actually manage to not break the bookcases or damage any of the woodwork getting those bookcases downstairs. (These poor bookcases are starting to look their age though; this is at least the fifth move we've made with them. It's time to find the stain touch-up supplies.)
The basement is also still a disaster, but we did manage to get all the books unpacked. Hopefully tomorrow we'll deal with the disarray caused by the relocation...

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