Friday, April 20, 2012

Parlor Sort

Unfortunately, we've had a fairly unproductive week this week. We really need the next deadline to find motivation to start the next big project. We did go to look at a couple things listed on craigslist, but didn't end up buying either. Oh well.

We also managed a trip to storage to bring home another load of stuff. Most of the load was stuff to list on craigslist to sell, but we did squeeze in as many boxes of books and dining room stuff as we could fit. So this afternoon, we unpacked several of the boxes. Most of the stuff went into the parlor. It looked rather sloppy when we started.

Sharon has an old glass bank collection that got put into the second colonnade (for now). She collected these about 20 years ago, but once eBay came along it was too easy to find glass banks and the challenge was gone so it was no longer fun.

We also brought home three or four boxes of old family books. Since they're nicely bound in leather, they made our modern paperback books look trashy. So, Sharon got the crazy idea that the modern books would look much better if they were sorted by color.

She spent a couple hours this afternoon shifting books. It probably will be harder to find the books we're looking for as they're not as well sorted by topic, but they look so much better! =)

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