Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tired Feet

We had a really great tour today. We got SO MANY nice comments about our restoration efforts, it felt really good to have had this experience.

Sharon wore her camera all day because she had been planning to take pictures of the house full of people, but she just never thought about doing it. She, and Jeff, spent most of the 6 hours standing on their feet extolling the wonderfulness of our restoration project. It felt really good when folks were so surprised that our house started out painted white and was brought to this amazing stained look. Hopefully others will realize what is possible...

It was also super nice to meet three of our regular blog followers today!  Yeah!! We're hoping we got some new old house junky friends to talk restoration with and also to go see their old houses, if they have them.

We have tired feet now, so we're going to take a short rest and then get to work cooking. We're having a house warming / open house tomorrow because the house is about as clean and finished as it's going to get for now.


  1. Your house looks just beautiful!

  2. Sharon and Jeff,
    It was great to meet you at the Kitchen Tour yesterday - the house looks great! This is Dave your fellow Laurelhurst blogger at - I'm working on a post about the whole kitchen tour, so look for that soon. Do you think you could add me to your blog roll?

  3. Sharon and Jeff,
    Thanks for adding me to the blog roll - and for sharing your home with us all !


  4. It was my pleasure Dave. Besides, it was a good time to update the list with many other excellent bungalow blogs I follow. =)