Wednesday, August 23, 2017

May 1910: Mann Old People's Home

Oregonian 22 May 1910
Home Well Along
Mrs. P.J. Mann Institution for Aged Fine Structure.
COST IS TO BE $80,000
Well-Appointed Structure Under Way at Sandy Road and East 33rd Street— Will Be Brick and Three Stories
Brick work for the first floor of the Old People’s Home built by Mrs. P.J. Mann in memory of her husband, has about been completed and the handsome $80,000 structure is well under way. This building is located on what was a part of the old Hazel Fern Farm, now platted as Laurelhurst. It is on East 33rd Street, overlooking the Sandy Road.

The building is to be three stories and basement, constructed of red brick with white trimming. It is of the English style of architecture, being designed with large pointed gables, bricked and terraced grounds leading to large exterior sun porches, etc. These sun porches are placed on each floor, inclines being planned from the grass plots in the court to the first floor porches, so that invalids may be wheeled to the porches.

The interior equipment of the building is complete. The structure was designed by Whitehouse & Fouilhoux, and everything has been done to lend to the comfort of the aged inmates who will spend their last years in the Mann Home. In the large basement is the fuel room, laundry, heating plant, kitchen, store rooms, fruit and vegetable rooms, arranged with cooling coils, servants’ dining rooms, and sleeping rooms for the help. There is also a billiard room for the men and a work room for the old men who want to do something to “putter” around. There is also a fumigation room.

Electric passenger elevators are to be installed. The first floor is devoted to general purposes. There are two offices, a matron’s room, a reception room, a committee room, a large social room, 36x18 feet, with a recess staged for entertainments; a large dining room, a breakfast room, a serving pantry, with dumb waiter attachment to the kitchen below; a porte cochiere, a sitting room for men and for women and sun porches for each sex.

On the second floor sleeping rooms for all the inmates have been arranged. There is also a temporary hospital, a dispensary, and a small dining-room for any sick inmates who may not be able to go to the general dining room. There is ample bath equipment on each floor. The third floor will be left in the rough at present, although it is designed for additional sleeping apartments if the needs of the institution demand it.

The building covers 150x112 feet. The heating plant is the best modern vapor system. The cost of the building is estimated at $80,000. The work is to be finished by October, when the institution is to be opened. The corner stone was laid two weeks ago today. The institution is intended for worthy aged people who are unable to care for themselves and who have no one upon whom they can depend for a living. The inmates are to be passed upon by a board of trustees before being granted admittance.


  1. I love this series. The home doesn't appear to still exist on Google maps (but I'm getting Sandy Blvd rather than Sandy Rd.)--can you confirm?

    1. It's still there. It's no longer a senior home. It's now some sort of yoga center, called "The Movement Center." The address is: 1021 NE 33rd Ave, Portland, OR 97232