Monday, August 21, 2017

Summer Update

With our crazy weather this year, and lacking motivation, we have gotten very little finished on the house. We did manage to set up a pantry rack for Jeff down in the basement.
Before we did this, Jeff observed he had a lot of cans that he had no idea how old they were. When we first moved in after the remodel, we were pretty good about dating cans with a marker, but even that stopped happening a while ago.

Anyway, Jeff wanted twelve tubs labeled with the months. So now when he goes shopping, he can deliberately buy twelve cans of things and spread them out throughout the year. We're hoping this will help keep our food pantry rotated. We still need to finish sifting all the cans already in our pantry and either toss them or spread them out into these tubs so they finally get used.

As far as the shed project, it still stands un-sided. Eric got busy and asked us to have Aaron help us finish it. Aaron lost his rental and has been busy packing to move out of state, so he hasn't been available either. So, I am tentatively exploring the possibility of having Tim Austin help us finish the exterior. He is the good guy who built our garage for us. He's going to come out and look at the project and I'm hoping his quote is something we can afford.
Finally, the Laurelhurst neighborhood is trying to apply for Historic District status to slow down the pace of demolitions. I have (obviously) gotten back into poking around my old research. I have also done a bit more research with old Oregonian issues. Our county library has a research tool where we can search old issues and I've done a bunch of research to fill in history between the 1920s (where I left off last time) and current day. I'd still really like to find the article where the city decided to tear down our sandstone Arch on Multnomah and 32nd. I guess we can be happy to have one of them left.

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