Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to School

I started back to school this morning. I'm currently enrolled for 4 paralegal classes at Portland Community College, though I am hoping to add one more, for a total of 15 units this quarter. It's looking like it may just be a very busy schedule.

I met with the department chair a couple of weeks ago and he went over what classes he would transfer from my California course work and I have to repeat Ethics and the advanced Legal Research and Writing. I guess they're different in Oregon! =) I also learned, at that meeting, I'll have to take 30 units in residence at PCC to get my degree/certificate there. So, I'm hoping if I can manage 15 units a quarter, I can finish in two quarters.

I can easily come up with 15 units this quarter, but I still might not be able to finish next quarter if they don't offer the specific classes I need to complete the program. I'm hoping I'll get lucky and be able to finish, otherwise I'll be taking classes until next June.

This morning I had the Ethics class. The instructor, Steven Taylor, JD, is going to work our be-hinds off. It looks like he is going to cover a lot of material in the next 12 weeks and assign a LOT of homework. I am definitely going to have to work harder this quarter than I'm used to.

In another couple of weeks, I'm really going to be wishing that I got around to finishing the 2009 taxes this summer. Come to think of it, I really should try and get them done this week. We are so close—I think we just need to add our house tax credit and tax deductible donations. Hopefully this week...

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