Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finishing Class: Sealing Coat

Class today was mostly spent applying the first, and sometimes second, sealing coat and a whole lot of finishing talk while we waited for boards to dry. This teacher is a real advocate for shellac, lacquer or varnish finishes; his favorite is lacquer. In his opinion, polyurethane is evil. It impossible to repair and it fills your wood grain with plastic. He's an advocate for the less high tech finishes because of their repairability.

In the morning we got a chance to play with dye! We made purple! In some sense we failed because we were trying for burgundy! But I like the purple better. This would be a very fun color for a piece of furniture. =)

During the lunch break, Jeff and I walked next door to EcoHaus and checked out some materials for our remodel project. I think we might have to go with Fireclay Debris Tile for our bathroom addition. The tiles contain over 60% recycled materials and are made on the west coast!

These photos are similar to samples they had in the store, and they were quite nice (though not the colors we are likely to choose). Craftsman bathrooms just seem to need subway tile, though I think we do have to be careful not to overdo the accent tiles. I'm gonna have to do more research about how they tiled their bathrooms in period.

I discovered these tiles are made in San Jose, CA and I can go drop into their factory showroom when I visit next month. I'm definitely gonna have to add it to my itinerary.

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