Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Shasta!

Our dog child is 2 years old today! Yeah! Though she still acts like a puppy, her energy is perhaps a little less than when we got her at 6 months. She does seem to have a bit less range on the scooter.
Anyway, we sent Shasta off to doggy camp (daycare) for fun today because she seems to really enjoy it! We are trying to clean house for my father's visit the week after next. We have quite a lot of stuff still sitting around. Time to either repack and store stuff, put it away, or just get rid of it!

We tried another session of paint stripping this morning on cabinet doors from the cabinets we removed in the basement. Today's effort was mostly unsuccessful. It required quite a lot of effort and just barely scraped off the top layers of the paint. We think perhaps the paint is oil paint and we'll have to treat it with linseed oil first to soften it. But we don't have any linseed oil right now, so we're just going to clean up and set this project aside for now until our next hardware store run.

Here are some recent cute photos of our dog child. =)

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  1. Don't put the linseed oil and then use the SPR. It won't work... I learned the hard way on that one.

    The SPR doesn't work well on paint that has soaked into the wood because it was originally painted vs. being painted after being varnished. Only chemical strippers will work.

    And on some weird paint we had, only Jasco Sealer and Adhesive remover worked. We think it was some sort of marine paint or primer on the inside of our built ins.