Thursday, September 23, 2010

Moving Up In the World

Today we are finally moving from the basement bedroom up to the upstairs Master Bedroom. Though we spent a few nights up there earlier in the month, today we are actually moving for the season. I'm packing up whatever cool weather clothes we have down there and pretty much whatever stuff we might need between now and next June.

I'm getting impressed with the quality of education at Portland Community College. The teachers are assigning a tremendous amount of coursework as compared to the community colleges in California. Even Jeff made a comment about how much work he is being assigned "at a community college." It sounds like we'll be busy the next 12 weeks doing school work!

I guess I'd better look at my task list and figure out what needs to be done before December and try and get non-school stuff done ASAP, before the coursework gets really heavy around midterm time.

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