Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dads are Awesome!

My father and stepmother arrived Friday afternoon and we've been busy ever since! My Dad is a champion fixer and it's been great to have him help us figure out the right hardware bits to buy and to have him here to install it!!

On Friday evening he fixed the main floor toilet—its chain was broken and it didn't flush. Also, most of the lights in the room were broken—we were down to one flickering fluorescent tube. So Saturday morning we went off shopping for several hours. Then he went right to work when we got back. We still need to do some sheetrock repair and some painting, but here is the before and after in the tiny main floor bathroom.

(That medicine cabinet is a cheapo $99 Home Depot special but it fit in our tiny 14.5" hole we had in the wall and is better than what was there. It will do for now.)

He also installed grab bars, a removable shower head and a towel ring in the upstairs bathroom. And he repaired the rattling fan in the ceiling—yeah, it's much quieter now.

He was also going to rekey our locks for us, but I told him we had the wrong brand of locks and he didn't bring the right pin kit. Dang. Next time, maybe.

Tomorrow we're going to try and run Cat-5 wiring down to our home theater in the basement. Dads are so Awesome!

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