Monday, January 4, 2010

Found the Kitchen Counters!

I spent the afternoon working on clearing the kitchen some more. Unfortunately, there is still a pile of stuff I just haven't figured out where to put. But, for the first time since June (when we moved in), I have found the counters! Woo hoo!

Wow, looking at these pictures, it reminds me we need to glue the missing cabinet face trim pieces back on. Maybe we'll get it done now that the kitchen isn't quite the disaster. I'm still trying to tackle the small pile of stuff left on the table. Maybe we'll manage full room pictures tomorrow. =)

I'm also attempting, this week, to get our Winter Newsletter printed. I actually had the Newsletter finished before we left on vacation, but I never found anybody in Oregon to print it for us. I had been hoping to, but we spent a lot more time looking at houses than I had been expecting. We really didn't do anything else but look at houses and visit friends on our trip.

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