Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Quilt Progress

Sharon made good progress on her quilt squares this weekend. She finished the last 10 of the filler squares and then 10 of the historic blocks. The going has been fairly slow at the beginning because she is going through and cutting all the pieces of a particular fabric in descending size order. She builds squares as she finds she has all the pieces cut.
Sarah's Choice, ca. 1906
Mrs. Lloyd's Favorite, ca. 1906

Mrs. Roosevelt's Favorite, ca. 1906
Shooting Star, ca. 1906

Solitaire, ca. 1906
Grandma's Star, ca. 1906

Pinwheel Square, ca. 1897
Bird's Nest, 1897

Flying Cloud, ca. 1906
Air Castle, ca. 1897

Update on Monday: 6 more!
Handy Andy, 1897
Hull's Victory, ca. 1906

Chain and Bar, ca. 1906
Four X Star, 1897

Gentleman's Fancy, 1897
Best of All, ca. 1906

Update on Tuesday: Another productive day of sewing!
Frank Leslie Design, ca. 1871
Mosaic No. 5, 1897

Red Cross, ca. 1906
Diamond Ring, ca. 1906

Godey Design, 1869
Mosaic No. 1, ca. 1897

Scotch Squares, Jan 1913
St. Valentine, ca. 1906

Scrap, ca. 1906

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