Friday, February 5, 2021

Lenton Rose Quilt Finished

I finally finished the batik flower quilt I started in October 2019. I had hoped to take Long Arm Quilting classes so I could finish it myself, but I finally got tired of waiting for the pandemic to end so I paid someone else to finish it for me. 

This is one I designed myself using Electric Quilt 7. I made it using the Providence Block and added a bit of sashing because I thought it looked better. I'm not sure how I came up with the name Lenton Rose but I suspect I named it last spring when all our hellebores were in bloom.

I sorted through the fabrics I used for this quilt and found enough fabric to make three sets of matching pillowcases. I used the burrito method to make the pillowcases and it worked quite well, though I am not exact in my measurements. I tended to make the cuff a little bit wider and the trim a little smaller (or I would just use a scrap I had leftover from the project).

I had it quilted with the Flutterwings quilting design.

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  1. Great design - I was going to ask where you got the pattern but I see you devised it yourself! Thanks for the link to the Providence block.