Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gluing Roman Shades

Now that my sewing room is set up, I have no excuse to avoid finishing the Roman shades for the master bedroom. I'm pretty determined to get them done this week.

I'm at the step where you glue plastic ribs into the shade so when you pull it up, it folds at the right spot. In Redwood City when I made the shades, I glued those ribs on the backside of the shade, but then they were constantly tangling with the strings. This time around, I'm following the advice of Terrell Designs, and I've lined the shade and I'm gluing the ribs on the inside between the layers of fabric.

We made a happy discovery this morning. Pruning shears work really well for cutting the plastic ribs. I used wire cutters last time and it flattened the ends and the pruning shears just sliced it off without crushing it. Thought it was a sort of interesting discovery.

I'm hoping to finish gluing these ribs by later this afternoon, then I'll get started on sewing rings. That's the slow part of the process, because of the handsewing through all the thick layers. It's hard on your wrists after about an hour.

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