Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We Had Elves!

First thing this morning, PODS came and picked up our second POD and delivered our third. Ugh, I’m hoping this is our last one. I cannot imagine what we will do with all the stuff if we manage to fill it up.
We still have rather a lot of furniture to get rid of. I’m not sure what we’re going to do with it all. However, since POD charges by the POD, and not by weight, we may end up throwing some of it in and trying to sell it at that end when we have more time.

Late last week, I scheduled a service appointment with AT&T for today because our internet and phone service was not working. The phone kept disconnecting phone calls and we had very intermittent internet service. We haven't been able to watch Netflix for over a week; not that that is all bad! The only window for the service call AT&T would give us was 8AM to 8PM! They didn’t even call us this morning to give us an idea of whether they’d be coming before lunch or after lunch. And when do they show up?—7:05PM!! We spent all day trapped at home waiting for them!

My Dad owns this house and he wanted to be here when the AT&T repair guy came out because he wanted to be here to ask them to upgrade the phone box and to run a new phone line to the pole. Dad showed up with his wife, Maxine, at around 10 this morning. While they were here, we worked on sifting the garage, packing, weeding, pruning, and other much-needed yardwork. The yard looks so much better now. And Maxine is awesome; she went through and sifted out an old chemical cabinet and is going to take in all the old stuff to their local hazardous waste drop off.

My Dad also went through and pulled stuff out of the attic and repaired wiring in the garage. He installed some new outlets in the garage and repaired the doorbell button. And he reglued some of the veneer trimwork in the kitchen. Too late for us, but it will be nice for the last week we’re here! =)

I helped in the garage this morning, but when it got too hot, I retreated indoors and finished sewing the Roman shades for our new master bedroom. Now I just need to figure out the placement of the rings and glue on the battens/ribs. I’m planning to do the hand sewing during the next trip up to Oregon.

I’ve just got a couple more small sewing projects and then I’ll pack up my sewing room furniture. The library is already mostly gone. And our master bedroom will go with us in a rented trailer or get thrown in this POD at the last minute.

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