Monday, July 5, 2010

We're Getting There

We had a much more harmonious packing day today and got a lot done. We pretty much wrapped and packed all the furniture we were planning to get into this load. Now, we just need to finish filling up the load with boxes. We need to get busy packing boxes because we need to finish this load tomorrow. I really don't want to again reschedule our current POD pickup on Wednesday.

I'm currently having some pretty severe prosthetic problems. My newest prosthetic is in for an upgrade for some uncertain amount of time. I had my oldest prosthetic repaired and I was wearing that until yesterday evening when it started crunching and the foot became loose. I had to dig into the back of my closet to drag out my last, out-of-use prosthetic. I'm hobbling around on that right now until I can get back in to see a prosthetist.

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