Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Our mason continues to grind out the mortar from our brickwork—it shoots out a stream of mortar dust and everything is getting covered with this fine dust. Yuck. We'll probably have to pressure wash the house once they're done.

Update at 8PM:
So, the job took a turn towards really a mess when the contractor decided to hose down the deck! Of course all that water and mortar muck poured down into our basement. Jeff is still down there mopping up the mess. Unfortunately, we had "temporarily" set cardboard boxes down in that short part below the steps because we figured we had a month or two, before the rains started, to rearrange the storage area. Now we have a soggy mess. Great... (These pictures were taken after Jeff had already moved the boxes that got the most wet and he was trying to dry them off.)

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