Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shopping Adventure

We celebrated getting so much done yesterday by spending several hours today shopping around Portland.

Now that the chicken tractor is in the backyard, we are finally prepared to round up chicken food and other needed supplies. So, one of the primary goals for today was to investigate chicken feed suppliers. We went to three of them: Concentrates Inc., Naomi's Organic Farm Supply, and Foster Feed & Garden Supply. My quick calculation shows that Concentrates is the least expensive supplier; luckily, it's also one of the closest.

We also dropped by Taste of Europe, Edelweiss Sausage Company & Deli and Bob's Red Mill. At Bob's Red Mill, we did a pretty major stock-up shopping trip. We have a big, empty freezer now and lots of space in our soon-to-be-finished root cellar and it's time to get our pantry replenished.

This evening, after the evening rush, we're planning to go off to the regular grocery store to finish our shopping. We'll probably slowly stock up on food, as we don't quite have our pantry storage area set up yet. I still need to find a good shelving system for the basement.

Jeff is also going off to Three Mountains Scribal Night tonight to visit with our SCA friends. I can't go; I have to stay home and finish my class. =(

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